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Smart Watches

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The Best Smart Watches in Pakistan

A watch is a useful device to keep you informed at all times while making you feel excellent. From gold pocket watches to precious wristwatches, the world has come a long way, but the basic need for time pledge is still there. As technology has become advanced, smartwatches are now replacing classic wristwatches. Adding a signature piece of confirmation, some most reliable digital smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone and fits your budget and requirement.

Are Smartwatches Worth it?

As technology is growing, staying connected is becoming a way of survival so smartwatches becomes a necessity. Without a good smartphone with all the desirable features, it is nearly impossible to survive in day to day life. Just join your smartwatch with your phone and get all text notifications and respond to all calls without reaching your phone. Mainly designed for business professionals who want to stay notified on the run and need to keep connected every time, smartwatch keeps you connected while driving, having a morning run, or riding a bike.

Should I Buy a Smartwatch or Simple Watch?

A smartwatch is a distinctive way of adding style to your outfit, but there is a continuous debate about the usual stopwatch and mobile watch. Most people like to wear a regular watch because they feel it's classier, goes with their outfit, and looks professional. With a smartwatch, there are now various style options with unlimited features that are growing vows in favor of smartwatches. A business professional is no longer needed to hire an assistant, from call log management to the note setup; everything can be done with the help of a smartwatch.

How do I Select the best Smartwatch in Pakistan?

Preferences for everyone are different, but watches are now becoming the leader in terms of features, which is why it has become an accessible choice. Now, business experts like to wear smartwatches to keep track of their calls, meetings, texts, and social media information. Also, sports and adventure enthusiasts want to take smart watches to keep track of heartbeat, calorie consumption, oxygen level, blood pressure, etc. Even doctors recommend using smartwatches when they are going for a run to keep track of their important things. Below are some key features to look at in a Smart Watch in Pakistan.

Key Features to look at in a Smart Watch in Pakistan

Smartwatch basics

There are three essential things to keep in mind when considering smart watches: compatibility, price, and battery life. All the significant smartwatches today pair with a smartphone, so you will need to find one compatible with your operating system.


Apple Watches only works with iPhones, while Wear OS devices play nice with iOS and Android. Smartwatches made by Garmin, Samsung, Polar, and others are also compatible with Android and iOS, but you will have to install a companion app.

The smartwatch OS will also speak the type and number of on-watch apps you will have access to. Many of these are not useful, though, making this feature not too high on our requirements list.


The best smartwatches price in Pakistan generally cost between 20,000 to 35,000. Compared to budget smart watches price in Pakistan, which costs between 10,000 to 20,000, these more expensive devices have advanced music, fitness, and communications features. They will often also have unique features like onboard music storage, GPS, and NFC, which budget devices generally do not have.

Battery life

Battery life remains one of the highest problem about smartwatches, but paces have been made newly. You can expect 48 hours from Apple Watches. Watches using the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor help prolonged battery modes that probably allow you to stay up to five days on a charge — if you are willing to shut off most features aside from, you know, displaying the time. Some smartwatches can last five to seven days, but they usually have less features.


There are several apps supporting smartwatches from Samsung, Apple, and others. The app stores of both Apple and Google have apps that offer new and improved features.

Cellular connectivity

It will help end smartwatch dependency on smartphones as well as make the apps function more independently. SIM card support can be used for data connectivity.

Infrared sensor

Infrared sensors in smartwatches can surely be a handy feature. With this, users can also use their smartwatch like TV remotes and more, if not anything else.

What to look for in a smartwatch

Fitness tracking

Fitness tracking is a great reason why people prefer to smartwatches. An all-purpose timepiece should log your workouts, steps, and calories, and today’s wearables have a heart rate monitor at the very least.

Many smartwatches have GPS on board, which is useful for mapping bike rides and running as well. Swimmers need water-resistant, and most all-purpose devices now can resist at least a dunk in the swimming pool. Some smartwatches from big brands offer features of blood-oxygen estimation, heart-rate-variance tracking, auto-exercise detection, and stress measurements.


Mostly smartwatches in Pakistan let you save your music locally, so you connect wireless earbuds and listen to tunes without bringing up your phone. Those who don’t have onboard storage for music usually have on-watch music controls to control playback without whipping out your mobile phone.


Many smartwatches have an NFC, letting you pay for things without your wallet. After storing your debit or credit card information, you can take your smartwatch up to an NFC reader to pay for a coffee cup on your way home from a run. Remember that different watches use different payment systems: Wear OS devices use Google Pay, Apple Watches use Apple Pay, Samsung devices use Samsung Pay, and so forth.


Smartwatches in Pakistan can also make communication easy with app alerts, call-answering capabilities, and text replies. Some smartwatches in Pakistan allow you to answer calls from your wrist and use the internal mic, provided your smartphone is nearby. Other timepieces have built-in LTE, enabling you to take and make calls even if your phone is off.

Size and style

Also, you want to consider the style and size before buying it. You will wear this smartwatch all day long, so you want to pick one that is not only the perfect size for your wrist but also matches your style.

Are Smart Watches Safe to Wear?

Smartwatches are becoming very common and modern with time, but most people are confused if they are safe to wear. Smartwatches only emit microwaves and visible light, which makes it completely safe to wear. Designed to be completely secure, without any ionizing forms of radiation, smartwatches are entirely safe to wear for people of all ages, color, and gender.

What is the Best Smart Watch in Pakistan to Buy in 2020?

With high-end technology products of all the smartwatch available in 2020, such as Apple, T4, Casio, W8, Lemfo, Fitbit, X10, Garmin, Huawei, Samsung, and X9 selecting the best one is not easy. These great brands offer smart fitness bands with fitness trackers and heart rate monitoring, iOS Smart Watches, Android Smart Watches, and Watches with a fitness tracker.

Happily, for you, we have the collection of only the best smartwatches of 2020, which are fitted with both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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