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Smart Watches

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The clock has been the best tool for checking time and getting things done easier on time for years. After a year, a simple watch was raised in the market that had just to tell accurate time that people could carry with themselves any time.

With the passage of time and the need of the modern era, smartwatches came with a different purpose, working cycle, and interface.

A smart watch has compatibility of showing the time, locations, and usage of applications, music, communication, and other things.  

The most important thing that hit people's mindset was finding the best place in Pakistan and mobile watches price in Pakistan.

What to do with a smart watch or Why to buy a smart watch in Pakistan?

A smart watch makes you comfortable not only by providing time but also by making you able to use the application, listening to songs, friendly interface, location tracking, and other useful tasks. Wearing a smartwatch and connecting with the cell will allow you to receive notifications of your cell phone on the smart watch that will save you time.

Exclusive features of our smartwatches

The notable features of our smartwatches make you able to choose one of them easily and define you clearly what they are.

Smartwatch basics

There are three essential things to keep in mind when considering smart watches: compatibility, price, and battery life. All the significant smartwatches today pair with a smartphone, so you will need to find one compatible with your operating system.


One of the best sections of any smart watch is its interface, how it looks and people use it. Our selected watches have a very attractive and useful interface that everyone can comprehend. Modern interfaces of our mobile watches and smart watches are very popular and you will select one of them easily.  

Battery life

It is an evitable fact that battery life remains one of the highest problems with smartwatches, but Mtech does not go for this. Our selected Apple Watches you get 48 hours longevity. Watches using the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor help prolonged battery modes that probably allow you to stay up to five days on a charge — if you are willing to shut off most features aside from, you know, displaying the time. Some mobile watches can last five to seven days, but they usually have fewer features.

Price of a Smart Watch

The most crucial feature of any best smart watch in Pakistan is its price. If you look for a smart watch, you tend to look for the smart watch price in Pakistan.

Some platforms and stores sell them at high prices but the mtechstore provides you suitable mobile watches in Pakistan. So, it is a notable feature that our watches have fewer prices.


There are several apps supporting smartwatches from Samsung, Apple, and others. The app stores of both Apple and Google have apps that offer new and improved features that are visible in our given products.

Cellular connectivity

It will help end smartwatch dependency on smartphones as well as make the apps function more independently. SIM card support can be used for data connectivity.

Infrared sensor

Infrared sensors in smartwatches can surely be a handy feature. With this, users can also use their smartwatch-like TV remotes and more, if not anything else.

Fitness tracking

Fitness tracking is a great reason why people prefer smartwatches. An all-purpose timepiece should log your workouts, steps, and calories, and today’s wearables have a heart rate monitor at the very least.

 Many smartwatches have GPS on board, which is useful for mapping bike rides and running as well. Swimmers need water-resistant, and most all-purpose devices now can resist at least a dunk in the swimming pool. Some smartwatches from big brands offer features of blood-oxygen estimation, heart-rate-variance tracking, auto-exercise detection, and stress measurements.

Communication and music

Communication can be done through watches via listening to a call and responding to the notifications.  You can also listen to music via smartwatches such as Samsung smartwatch, Mi smartwatch, Wifi smartwatch, Apple smartwatch, and android smartwatch.

Size and style

Also, you want to consider the style and size before buying it. You will wear this smartwatch all day long, so you want to pick one that is not only the perfect size for your wrist but also matches your style.

An online store for purchasing mobile and smartwatches in Pakistan

That is all about the usage and features of smart and mobile watches. Mtechstore has been facilitating people to buy an android smart watch, mi smart watch, Samsung smart watch, apple smart watch, and other smartwatches with the plethora of exclusive features. The products by Mtechstore have a well-reputed place in the market. Their designs, shapes, and affordable prices are the biggest reasons for their popularity in the areas such as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Hyderabad. So, the people around every corner of Pakistan can order smartwatches by searching smart watch Karachi, smart watch Lahore, smart watch Hyderabad, and smart watch Islamabad.

The prices of smartwatches in pakistan

The prices of smartwatches in Pakistan are very high and a layman cannot buy them but mtechstore has something different for them. Touch watch price in pakistan is Rs. 8, 500 but at mtechstore, you find it only at Rs. 6,999. Secondly, mi smart watch price in Pakistan is Rs. 5,500 but mtechstore provides at Rs. 4,799 only. Thirdly, Apple smart watch price in pakistan is Rs. 4,500 but a store for digital products named MTECH provides at Rs. 3,250.

You can find watches on the internet from other stores but our provided smartwatches have multiple types and features. You can look in the next section about the smart watch price in Pakistan.

What are the best smartwatches in Pakistan?

·        Samsung watches: These watches are very considerable and you can find all Samsung watches at our store and the Samsung watches price in Pakistan are affordable instead of other providers.

·        Mi watches: This is also a wonderful watch that we provide and sell to the people in Pakistan and users don’t need to worry about the mi watch price in Pakistan because we have a discount for them.

·        Apple smartwatches: We also take the initiative of providing apple smartwatches. We have a wise collection for apple users and the new lovers who are looking for apple smartwatches.

·        Wifi smartwatch: Our wifi smartwatch facilitates people by providing them connectivity of wifi with the watch, as a result, the watch will work as a cell phone. The price of wifi smartwatch in Pakistan is higher than our watches.  

·        Fitness watches in Pakistan: Fitness watches come into the horizon of smartwatches and these watches provide a fitness guide and take the proper guide of users` health.

·        Android watch: Android watch is also considerable and some users look for another choice instead of Apple smartwatches. Therefore, we provide every type of watch to users in Pakistan.

·        Huawei smartwatches: Last but not least, this is also a famous brand and people love purchasing Huawei smartwatches.

 What is the Best Smart Watch in Pakistan to Buy in 2021?

With high-end technology products of all the smartwatch available in 2021 on Mtech, such as Apple, T4, Casio, W8, Lemfo, Fitbit, X10, Garmin, Huawei, Samsung, and X9 selecting the best one is not easy. These great brands offer smart fitness bands with fitness trackers and heart rate monitoring, iOS Smart Watches, Android Smart Watches, and Watches with a fitness tracker.

 Why Mtechstore only?

We like to serve people in an excellent way that they get everything according to their desires, high-quality objects, and fast delivery. We ship our products to every corner of Pakistan and that facilitates every citizen of this country to wear a smartwatch according to the choice.

A wide range of collections, prices of touch watches, and features allow them to choose and order while making a vast difference between the two brands. Further, a smartwatch price in Pakistan 2020 raised very quickly, but we remained the same as we were.