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VGA cable is the source to transmit the video signals from laptops or personal computers to projectors or monitors. They are called monitor cables, VGA video cables, VGA extensions, and computer cables as well. These cables are being used to connect monitor, LCD, LED, projectors and anything that comes with a VGA port placed at a distance. You can Buy VGA Cable and extension to attach screen which is away feet from your computer. Cat5 and UTP VGA Video splitter Extender can help you place monitors farther than 100 feet.

M Tech Store has loads of VGA cables and extensions, all products are of high quality material that makes sure to produce excellent quality of picture on higher resolution. These video cables are perfect to use with MAC, PC, and Sun systems. We have cables that are made with twisted pair signal lines and coaxial aside from ferrite cores on ends, this is the reason why our cables are capable of providing you the finest video quality and performance. The VGA connectors are covered with aluminized Mylar foil and copper braiding. Connectors are covered with gold plated pins to squash the noise, the triple coating quality avoids data loss.

We are offering premium quality VGA cables, VGA Cable Male to Male and Y Shape Cables, these VGA extension cables are certified and UL tested. The VGA extension cables are available in both female to female and male to male connectors. Cables have 3 rows and each row has 5 pins means there are 15 pins in total. These connectors normally find in video cards, high definition TV, cameras, projectors and computer screens. 

The cables that we have are great in quality and cheap in price, buy now and get it connected with your PC to enjoy watching movies, do work, play games, and watch videos on a bigger screen. 

Our Products

Though we have a variety of VGA cables in our store some of them are:

•VGA Cable Male To Male OD 8MM 3m

•VGA Cables Male To Male is available in different length like you can buy in 5m, 10m, 15m, and 20m. We have a great selection of sizes so you can choose anyone. 

•VGA Y Cable OD 8MM

Here it is important to disclose that the VGA Y cable comes with a male to 2 female VGA ports structure. It is easy to use this Y cable to support 2 Monitors. It is a lightweight product that you can carry with you, this cable supports high resolution and produces great results. 

Whether you need a single cable or you required in a bulk for your office, school, college or university, we will provide you according to your demand. We have a great stock of all above mentioned VGA cables and you can order anytime. We are delivering quality products to our customers in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. So no matter where are you from, give us an order and get it delivered at your doorstep. We offer cash on delivery facility to our customers.