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HDMi Cables

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HDMI is a High Definition Multimedia Interface cable, this is the one that importantly required for connecting HD devices. The cable has the ability to send all formats of digital audio and video, in past times there were two separate cables to operate audio and videos. But HDMI Round Cable has sorted that issue out, now you can play both audio and high definition video at the same time with a single cable. At M Tech Store, we have a collection of high-quality HDMI cables for you, they are manufactured by notable brands. These cables can handle live content that you can play via an Internet connection. 

HDMI is actually a super cable, now there is no need to create a mess of cables around your TV or LED. You don’t have to buy dozens of separate wires for different audio and video functionalities. You just need a single HDMI cable and it will handle your digital streaming, audio and video requirements.  

Uses of HDMI

When it comes to watching HD movies, high-definition images, or you want to play games on a big screen, you need an HDMI cable. It can be connected with devices like Gaming console, TV, Blu-ray Player, personal computer, laptop, cable box, etc. HDMI cable has the ability to handle full HD graphics just make sure that your device should have capability to run HD material. In fact, HDMI is the best option in all scenarios. 

M Tech Store knows what its customers are in need of, so we have to make HDMI available for you at our online store. You don’t have to spend thousands of rupees, have a look at our collection of HDMI cables and buy the one that suits your requirements and budget. We are selling these cables at highly affordable rates. 

Types of HDMI Cables

Mainly there are 2 types of HDMI cables available online, you can buy “Standard Speed” which comes with Ethernet and without Ethernet, and it’s up to you which one you prefer to. The second one is famous as “High Speed”, this one also comes in two options like with Ethernet and without Ethernet. The Standard Speed cable can handle 1080p video quality and the High Speed Cable can run over 1080p and 4k video quality. There is not much difference in the price of both types.

The HDMI cables that are available at our M Tech Store are more durable, cheap in price, and comes with fine quality connectors. Our HDMI Round Cable will help you play high definition content on TV or big screen. 

Our Product

•HDMI Plated Cable 

•HDMI Round Cable 

•HDMI Flat Cable ULT

•Sony HDMI Cable High Speed

•HDMI Male To Female Extension

•HDMI Range Extender Single Lan 60m (the HDMI Extender can transmit HDMI data over the local network as well). 

No matter what type of HDMI cable you are looking for, we have a huge variety and you can easily choose your required one. M Tech Store offers you the Cash on Delivery service in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, so what are you waiting for?