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LAN cables have a remarkable place in the market because these have become a much-needed necessity in the modern-day world. As the world has become a global village so the Internet connections keep on increasing every day. As the internet connections increase the demand for LAN cables also increases. So, LAN cables have become an essential product to have at homes, offices or any other working spaces. 

The necessity of LAN cables can also be judged from the fact that we surely require cables that connect computers, network switches, and modem or DSL which connects your computer network with your internet service provider. Pakistan is one country that uses the internet to a great extent, so LAN cables are in higher demand in Pakistan. For the fulfillment of that need, Mtech sells quality cables that you buy easily. 

We as a well-known brand provide you every type of cable; whether it is net cable or lan. 

What does Mtechstore serve?

We provide the best LAN cables in Pakistan to meet the objectives of the people in a very effective way. We have the following major land cables in Pakistan that you might order/get from Mtechstore. Let us talk about them.

LAN Cable Cat 6 and 6e

LAN cable is standardized for ethernet or another network. It comes with a twisted pair cable which is compatible with 5/5e and Category 3 cable standards. This very cable can deliver a quality performance up to MHz. This cable can perform better than cat 5 and cat 5e LAN cables. As far as its specifications are concerned, it is half a kilogram in weight and is 10m in length. Furthermore, this cable can also cater to your needs if you require a longer cable. This is up to 15 meters long and its price is also doubled with the increase in the length. 

LAN cable cat 6 5M

This LAN cable 6 5M is the sister cable of the above-mentioned LAN cable. It has almost the same specifications. The property of this cable that sets it apart from the two above-mentioned LAN cables is length. It is shorter and hence lesser in price. Since it is shorter than it is also more reliable and durable.

Firewire cable 6 pins to 9 pin

This LAN cable is mostly used to transfer files and images between two firewire-compatible devices. Firewire cable can also be used to connect a PC to an external hard drive. If you want to download movies, then you can also use it to connect a DV camcorder to your PC. Its qualities and specifications include durability and it is also lightweight. The length is around 2 meters and it is a twisted pair for consistent data transmission. The weight of this is around half kilograms.

Firewire cable 9 pins to 9 pin

Firewire LAN cable 9 pin to 9 pins is also used to transfer images and files. This cable is also identical to the previous firewire LAN cable, but it is a 9 pin to 9 pin cable.

Lan Cable CAT 6 UTP 20M

This cable comes with a far better length than any other Cat 6 LAN cable. It has the longest length and the more stringent kinds of specifications for system noise and crosstalk. Thi cable weighs around half a kilogram and is 20 meters long. The length of this LAN cable gives it an upper hand over the other LAN cables. So, you might consider it for high-projects and mtechstore will provide you a quality cable. 

This long cable can be used easily in homes and offices. This type is especially useful in places where the Internet service provider is far from the PC. In such situations, the LAN cable CAT 6 UTP 20M can be of great value. This LAN cable hence becomes also one of the reliable and useful LAN cables in Pakistan.

Why choose us:

So these are a few of the best LAN cables that are available in Pakistan at mtechstore. Some of them are in high demand while others are also quite attractive to the users of LAN cables. As you have gone through all the details and specifications of the best LAN cables available in Pakistan, now it is totally up to you to decide on any specific LAN cable for use and for that purpose Mtechstore would be your best choice. All these LAN cables are reliable and durable for sure. It is your turn to order and let us serve you effectively.