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Android and PC USB Endoscope Camera 3 in 1 TYPE C/USB/MICRO USB 3.5M

PRODUCT CODE - (Other Camera - 001)

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Rs. 1750


Title: Android and PC USB Endoscope Cam 3.5M 3 in 1 
Type C / USB / Micro USB

Description: Android and PC USB Endoscope Cam 3.5M -

Detail: Android endoscope is a new type of electronic products. The advantages of this product are small size and light weight. The middle part of the installation of a control box, can adjust the brightness of six LED lights, capture the image photo graphed after the camera directly stored in the Android mobile phone, you can video the whole process of record check, observation and follow - up analysis. The photos and video file will directly store in your Android mobile phone. There’s also a turning wheel used for adjust the brightness of six LED lights so that work in some area without enough light.


Total length: 3.5M
Waterproof level: IP67
Resolution: 640 × 480 30 fps
Focal distance: 6cm
Camera head outer diameter is 7mm\

Package Includes

1 x Android and PC USB Endoscope Cam

1 x Small hook

1 x Magnet

1 x Side audition

1 x User Manual

Price: Rs. 1750

Weight: 0.50 KGs

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