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Speed-X Power Extension Portable Power Strip 3socket+3usb Port 303pu

PRODUCT CODE - (303pu)

AVAILABILITY - Instock = 10 Products

Rs. 1750


Speed-X Premium Portable Power Strip 3socket+3usb Port 303pu


Description: 303pu Speed-X Premium Portable Power Strip 3socket+3usb Port -

Detail: Speed-X Socket Is An Aesthetically Designed Product That Is Durable And User-Friendly. Our Product Is Made Of High-Quality Material That Gives It An Attractive Look. This Is Why Our Product Is Often Termed As A Fashion Socket. The Power Socket Comes With 3 USB Charging Ports And A 750 Degree Celsius Flame Retardant Rating That Makes It Fire-Proof. Each Jack Has An Independent Safety Door That Endorses The Product To Be Shock-Proof. The 1.8 M Long Wire Of The Product Gives It A User-Friendliness Factor. This USB Power Socket Is Compatible With IPhone, IPod, IPad, PSP, MP3, And Camera.


    • Parameters

    Product Name

    Speed-X303PU Premium Portable Power Strip 3SOCKET+3USB PORT

    Socket Input

    10A Max, 250V˜

    Rated Power

    2500W Max

    USB Input

    100˜250V 50/60 Hz, 0.5A

    USB 1 Output


    Body Material

    Falme Retardent Plastic

    Cable Rating

    0.75mm, Core PVC Cable

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