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Connect a Bluetooth Speaker with Laptop

How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker with Laptop

Bluetooth speakers are becoming popular amongst podcast listeners and music lovers, and they are looking for the best Bluetooth speakers to satisfy their music requirements. Still, they are looking for wireless speakers for laptops to enjoy their music list without dealing with the hassle of wires and cords, So Bluetooth speakers make an excellent option for them. In this article, we will discuss how to connect the laptop to Bluetooth speakers.

Most people are not familiar with how to use wireless computer speakers to adjust their music or podcast listening needs. While most laptops contain built-in speakers, they are not loud enough to play your list at a loud and crisp sound, which is why people look for options to connect their laptops to external speakers.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to PC

It is relatively easy to connect your laptop or PC to a Bluetooth speaker. To connect your Bluetooth speaker to Windows, you are required to make sure that the speakers are discoverable in your laptop’s Bluetooth settings, and you are good to go!

Making sure that Bluetooth Speakers Are Discoverable

It is no surprise that Bluetooth on laptops becomes dormant with time, and if you do not put it to use then, there are high chances that it wouldn’t connect or recognize the device that you would connect to it. So, if you haven’t used your laptop’s Bluetooth for a long time, it wouldn’t connect to your Bluetooth speaker right away, and it may show that the speakers aren’t discoverable on your laptop. However, when you are about to connect a laptop to a Bluetooth speaker, you should start by making sure that the speakers are discoverable on your laptop. Start with reading the instruction manual that comes with the speakers.

  • Hold the Power button on the Bluetooth speakers to activate its pairing mode. 
  • If you are unable to pair your speaker with your laptop, you should wait briefly before you start again.
  • Keep an eye on the LED light integrated into the Bluetooth speaker, and look out for the indications to make sure that your device is connected to the laptop.   
  • However, if you do not notice any blinking, then there could be a fault with your speakers. Nonetheless, you should see a pop-up on your windows or go to Device Manager on your laptop to make sure that it is discoverable.     
  • If you are unable to find any icon, then, you should troubleshoot the device to remove the error and to connect your speakers to the laptop.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers on Laptop Windows

It is relatively easy to connect Bluetooth speakers to Windows, as most of the Windows laptops come with a built-in Bluetooth system; however, old laptop models do not feature a Bluetooth so that you can use an external Bluetooth device to connect your Bluetooth speakers to the laptop. If you are unable to find Bluetooth settings on your laptops, you can invest in a hardware USB for enabling the compatibility of Bluetooth on your device.

Once you have paired the device to Windows 10, run Win+K on your laptop to select the device from the Action Center Window, and it should connect your device automatically to the speakers.

Pair speakers with Windows 7 via Bluetooth

Under Windows, you should always make sure that your PC really can handle Bluetooth and that the interface is activated. Notebooks often have a small status light on the device that indicates whether Bluetooth is enabled. There is an additional switch or a unique key combination with which Bluetooth can be switched on and off. In case of doubt, the PC manual can help here.

  • Under Windows 7
  • Click on “Add device” under “Start then Devices, and printers”       
  • Then select the Bluetooth speaker 
  • And click on “Next.”

Troubleshoot a Pairing Failure

Sometimes things don’t go easily. Here are a few easy fixes that may help:

  • Make sure that the speakers are turned on.
  • Turn Bluetooth on and off again on the laptop.
  • Position the speakers within five feet of the laptop.
  • Fully charge the laptop and the speakers (or attach to a power outlet).
  • Move away from the Wi-Fi router, which can interfere with the connection.
  • Turn both the laptop and the speakers on and back off.
  • Remove any obstacles between the speakers and the laptop.

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